Mary Anne & Valerié PSA President’s Award of Excellence

CFSC coaches Mary Anne & Valerié have won the PSA President’s Award of Excellence for the Eastern Great Lakes Region. Please congratulate them next time you see them! We are proud to have so many dedicated and hard working individuals in our club, both as skaters and coaches.

About this award: The President’s Award of Excellence recognizes exceptional grassroots coaches, in all disciplines, for their positive contributions to the sport of figure skating.  One coach from each region will be selected to receive this prestigious awardAll nominees must be a PSA Member and have had one or more skaters competing at the Basic Skills – Novice levels, in any discipline.  This includes non-qualifying and regional events, both US Figure Skating and ISI.  This encompasses all disciplines including Freeskate, MIF, Dance, Pairs, Synchro, Choreographers, TOI, Figures, and Basic Skills.

Sarah Jilbert Gold Dance Judge

Sarah Jilbert has received her Gold Dance Judge test appointment.  She is now the fourth Gold Dance Judge in CFSC!  There are only four other Gold Dance Judges in the 27 other clubs in Ohio!!  Sarah passed her Gold Dance tests when skating actively in Strongsville Ohio.  Her appointment was based on her accuracy as a trial judge for tests in Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh in addition to Columbus. She also passed a national written exam. Her application for the appointment was strongly recommended and supported by six Gold Dance judges who indicated that she is knowledgeable, conscientious, eager to learn and considerate of others. Sarah is also a Gold Free Skate and Gold MIF judge. Her activity and dedication to figure skating will be of considerable benefit to the coaches and skaters of CFSC.  

National Solo Dance

Solo dance is an opportunity for skaters to ice dance on their own without a partner and is open to skaters of all ages and ice dance levels, from preliminary to gold and international. Solo dance events – both pattern and free dances – are available at nonqualifying competitions across the country. Solo dance events include:
    – Solo Pattern Dance
– Shadow Dance (two skaters skate a pattern dance side by side)
– Combined Dance (one solo pattern dance and one solo free dance)

The National Solo Dance Championship started as a pilot project in September 2009, and the Solo Dance Competition Series kicked off in January 2011. The top skaters from each section who have participated in at least two Solo Dance Series Competitions are invited to compete at the National Final. 

Solo Dance program was designed to be a fun, nationwide, competitive program. The solo dance series allows skaters to expand their competitive opportunities and encourages those new to ice dancing to give it a try. Each year skaters register for the series online before April 1, 2020.

The 2020 Solo Dance Series runs from March to August and ends with the National Solo Dance Final, September 10-13, 2020, which will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Several competitions in our area have been selected to be part of the solo dance series – the Ann Arbor Springtime Invitational, the Traverse City Cherry Classic, the Kathy Slack Troy Summer Competition, and Adrian College’s Last Chance for Solo Dance on August 7-9. 

Solo dance offers athletes an exciting and competitive environment to participate and grow their ice dance skills without having to compete or train with a partner. Skaters can compete in the National Solo Dance Series, with the top finishers from each level earning the opportunity to compete at the National Solo Dance Final.

If you are interested in Solo Dance, visit the U.S. Figure Skating Solo Dance page. Registration to compete in the series for 2020 (with the approval of your coach) must be done by April 1, 2020; registration cost is $30.00. 

The photo shows CFSC member Kamryn Keller who qualified for Solo Dance Nationals in 2018 for the Junior Combined Event. 

Junior Member Voting

Attention Junior Members!!!

Have you voted yet?

No?????  Be sure to get your vote in by March 11th.

Yes????   Access the improved site and cast your vote again. We apologize for the inconvenience, but know you will like the upgrades. (Please note: No vote submitted on GoogleForm will count. Only votes at the links below will be tallied.)

Get full access to the new voting site:  Click here or point your camera to the QR Code 


Contact the your Junior Representative Celine or Columbus FSC Vice-president, if you have questions. 
Remember to vote for your 2020-2021 Junior Representative by Midnight, March 11th.  

Gold Judge- Sarah Jilbert

Sarah Jilbert received her Gold Free Skate/MIF judge’s appointment in January, 2020.  She is now the 8th Gold Judge among our current CFSC members.  Congratulations Sarah!!

Our club has a long tradition of encouraging, developing and supporting USFS judges.  Barbie Holland and Bob Ouellette have been gold judges for about 40 years, and Marcia Ouellette has been a gold judge for 30 years.  Mary Hiser and Gretchen Bonnie are not far behind, at 20 and 15 years. Our newest gold judges, Julie Johnson, Jennifer Barrett and now Sarah, have earned their gold appointments within the past few years.

All of these individuals have spent countless hours over many years working their way through the various appointment levels to reach the gold judge level.  It is truly a love of skating and a desire to give back to the sport that drives them through this arduous process. 

Open G2C Spots Dwindling!

Only a few more spaces remain available for the G2C seminar, Feb 15th. Many out-of-town skaters have begun to register, and we do not want to CFSC members to be left out. Reservations are accepted in order of receipt. So, please, if you want to attend the seminar, register at your earliest convenience. Click HERE to register.
Information about private lessons will be available during the checkout process. Once registered, you will be contacted via email about the private lesson schedule within a week or so. 
The staff of G2C is excited to come to Columbus and looks forward to working with our skaters. 

Gold Judge- Jennifer Barrett

Jennifer Barrett received her Gold Free Skate/MIF judge’s appointment in March, 2019.  She is the 7th Gold Judge among our current CFSC members.  For comparison, there are only 15 other Gold judges distributed among the other 26 clubs in Ohio.  If all of the surrounding states (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) are included, only the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society (the nation’s oldest skating club founded in 1849) currently has more gold judges than CFSC.

Our club is fortunate to have individuals such as Jennifer who have worked to receive judges’ appointments.  She started the education process four years ago to qualify as a Bronze test judge (the first judging level), then advanced to her Silver and Gold level appointments.  

Our test sessions frequently have “extra” people at rink side.  These are trial judges who are working towards their next judging appointment.  Trial judges independently evaluate the test (just like the official judges on the test panel), but their scores are not used to determine whether the test is a “pass” or a “retry”.  Instead, their scores and comments are evaluated by their judge mentor/advisor to confirm that the trial judge has the appropriate knowledge of the passing standard for each test and can apply that knowledge to tests accurately and consistently.