More CFSC Ties to 2020 U.S. Championships

Although not mentioned on television, members of our club should be proud of what we have contributed to the figure skating. Three individuals – Jenni Meno, Tina Lundgren, and Sharon Rogers played important roles in this prestigious event.

Coach Meno hugging Knierim after the Short Program.

​​Jenni Meno appeared in the “Kiss and Cry” area as the coach for the Gold and Silver medalists in the Championship Pairs event. Jenni started skating with CFSC at the OSU rink and was a Juvenile Lady when her family moved to Cleveland to work with coach Carol Heiss Jenkins, a Gold Medal Olympian.  Eventually she started training for pair skating. Her career included many important events with Todd Sand – the 1994 and 1998 Olympics, six World Competitions with two 3rd places and two 2nd places, and five Nationals with two 2nd places and three 1st  places.

Kristina and Terrence Lundgren

​​Tina Lundgren, who judged Championship Mens and Ladies events, was also a former CFSC member for her entire skating career and passed her 8th Figure test and Senior Free Skate test at about age 12 and was one of the youngest in the USA to do so.  While in graduate school at OSU, she started to trial judge tests and then competitions, becoming a National Judge.  After moving to New York she became an International and World Judge.  Her parents worked actively for years for the club as board members.  Her mother served as the Hospitality Chair and also Test Chair.​​

Tessa Virture & Scott Moir, Olympic Gold Medalists, competing while Sharon Rogers judges.

Sharon  Rogers, who judged Championship Dance, was an adult member of CFSC. She served on the Board and started trial judging while working for a Ph.D. at OSU. After completing her degree and locating in other areas, she became a National Dance Judge and also a World Dance and International Dance Judge.  She judged Ice Dance in the last Olympics.​​

Few current members know these three individuals. It is important to acknowledge CFSC’s long and significant history in the sport of figure skating. And not surprisingly, Bob Ouellette played an instrumental role in the skating foundation for each of these ladies.

Article details provided by Dr. Robert Ouellette.
Bob is a current club member. As a past president & chair of nearly every operational detail for the club, his contributions are innumerable.

Gold Judge- Sarah Jilbert

Sarah Jilbert received her Gold Free Skate/MIF judge’s appointment in January, 2020.  She is now the 8th Gold Judge among our current CFSC members.  Congratulations Sarah!!

Our club has a long tradition of encouraging, developing and supporting USFS judges.  Barbie Holland and Bob Ouellette have been gold judges for about 40 years, and Marcia Ouellette has been a gold judge for 30 years.  Mary Hiser and Gretchen Bonnie are not far behind, at 20 and 15 years. Our newest gold judges, Julie Johnson, Jennifer Barrett and now Sarah, have earned their gold appointments within the past few years.

All of these individuals have spent countless hours over many years working their way through the various appointment levels to reach the gold judge level.  It is truly a love of skating and a desire to give back to the sport that drives them through this arduous process. 

Shilling-Petrov Gear Up for U.S. Championships

Congratulations to Livvy Shilling and her partner Alexander (Sasha) Petrov, who are traveling to Greensboro, North Carolina this week to compete in the U.S. Figure Skating Championship Ice Dance event. 

A former Team USA competitor in Singles, this is Livvy’s first season as a competitive ice dancer. Sasha, a Team USA Ice Dancer, has a long family history of skating. Both his parents skated for the Russian National Team and in ice shows throughout the world. Growing up, Sasha lived in Russia, England, and finally, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where his parents now coach.   

Last Spring, Livvy and Sasha had several tryouts together under the guidance of Igor Shpilband. The two partnered in May 2019 and are coached by Igor Shpilband, Pasquale Camerlengo, Adrienne Lende, and Natalia Deller in Novi, Michigan.

Shilling-Petrov, Rhythm Dance in Colorado Springs, CO

One of the biggest challenges they faced this season was Livvy’s newness to the discipline of ice dance – and her rotational direction. (Livvy rotates clockwise and had to figure out out to twizzle and spin counterclockwise, the more common way.) From day one, Sasha was impressed with Livvy’s work ethic. “She knew her weaknesses and worked tirelessly to make them stronger.” He was “pleasantly surprised how well she picked up the nuances of partnering and the techniques of ice dance.”

Fun Fact: Before this season, Livvy’s last (and only) ice dance competition was Skate Detroit, where she and former club member Alex Magnesson competed the Dutch Waltz and Canasta Tango. They were coached by Annette Schaefer.

Shilling-Petrov, Free Dance in Hyannis, MA

One thing Livvy finds exhilarating about ice dance is that she gets to focus more on edge work and can create new shapes and lines with her body and blades as she improves skating and performance skills with Sasha. And, she added, “Sasha makes the hard training days better because he is patient and very skilled at making me feel like I know what I am doing.”

In October, Shilling-Petrov were added to the U.S. Figure Skating International Selection Pool, meaning they are now eligible for Team USA assignments. This week at the U.S. Championships, the team’s goal is to score their personal bests in both programs. They are excited to share the story of their programs and their passion for the sport of figure skating with the audience and judges. 

Livvy has been a Columbus FSC member since 2004. 

Article contributed by Vicki Tieche, 
former CFSC Board Member

To learn more about U.S. Championships, visit 2020 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Tune in here to catch all the action:
Thursday, Jan. 23 | Pairs Short Program | 5 – 7 p.m. (NBCSN) 
Thursday, Jan. 23 | Ladies Short Program | 9 – 11 p.m. (NBCSN)
Friday, Jan. 24 | Rhythm Dance | 5 – 6 p.m. (NBCSN)
Friday, Jan. 24 | Ladies Free Skate | 8 – 11 p.m. (NBC)
Saturday, Jan. 25 | Men’s Short Program | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. (NBC)
Saturday, Jan. 25 | Free Dance & Pairs Free Skate | 8 – 11 p.m. (NBCSN)
Sunday, Jan. 26 | Men’s Free Skate | 3 – 6 p.m. (NBC)
Sunday, Feb. 2 | Skating Spectacular | 4 – 6 p.m. (NBC)*
The entire competition can be streamed commercial-free, live and on-demand with the Figure Skating Pass on NBC Sports Gold.
*Live unless denoted*

Donohue Captures 2020 Midwestern Sectional Juvenile Gold

Cecilia earned this distinguished title at the 2020 U.S. Figure Skating Midwestern Sectional Final and U.S. Pairs Final held in in Allen, Texas this past November.

What’s next for the 12-year old attending Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington? She and eleven other juvenile ladies from across the country are bound for the inaugural U.S. Figure Skating High Performance Development Team Camp. They will be joined by other medalists at the Juvenile, Intermediate, and Novice levels in the Mens, Ladies, Pairs, and Ice Dance disciplines. (Read more about the program Here and Here.) 

During the first portion of the camp, the athletes attend the 2020 U.S Figure Skating Championships next week in Greensboro, North Carolina. Then, on January 27th, they gather in Charlotte, NC where they attend training sessions with national and international judges and figure skating experts. Their sessions will include skating skills, jumps, spins, and off ice training, as well as clinics on nutrition and mental preparation, all designed to enhance the performance of a competitive athlete.

Get to Know Cecilia

This year was the first year for USFS’s National Qualifying Series (NQS). Tell us a little bit about the NQS and your season? Where did you get your highest score? 
The NQS provides skaters the opportunity to earn a bye through their regional competition and go directly to sectionals by placing in the top six in their section. My season has had its ups and downs, as everyone’s does, but overall, it was my most successful season yet! I received my highest score at the 44th Annual Kathy Slack Summer Competition in Troy, Ohio. 

What is a typical training day like for you?
A typical training day for me includes about two hours of on-ice practice six days a week and two off-ice conditioning classes a week at Chiller Easton. I also workout at the RPAC at Ohio State University a few times per week. In the spring and fall, I play on a u14 travel soccer team based in Upper Arlington. 

What are your favorite subjects?
Some of my favorite subjects are math, science, and my exploratory arts classes. 

What part of your program did you love doing? 
I really enjoyed doing my spiral sequence because I could engage with the judges and show off my choreography more than any part in my program. 

What are you looking forward to taking on next season? 
I am looking forward to competing in the Intermediate Ladies category and adding triple jumps to my program. 

Best piece of advice anyone has shared with you. 
I have a poster in my room that says “Y cuando menos lo esperas todo sale bien” which in English means, “and when you least expect it everything goes well”. I got this on our most recent visit to Argentina, and it reminds me to stay positive. 

Favorite non-skating activities.
Some of my favorite non-skating activities include playing soccer, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, playing the piano, and baking with my mom. 

Who are your coaches?
My main coaches are Svetlana Khodoekovsky and Kelly Harper. I also work with Alex and Elena Lunin from the Fort Wayne Skating Club in Indiana and have traveled to Wilmington, Delaware and Boston, Massachusetts to train in the past year. 

What should we know about you that we could never guess.
I have three passports – one from Argentina, one from Italy, and one from the United States of America.

Any music reveals for next season, yet?
We are planning on West Side Story for the free skate and The Nightmare Before Christmas for the short program. 

Who do you admire in skating?
Some of my favorite skaters are Alena Kostornia, Mariah Bell, and Nathan Chen. I really enjoy Alena and Mariah’s gracefulness across the ice and Nathan Chen’s creativity and performance skills! 

Favorite skating move(s). Skating moves you’d like to avoid. 🙂 
My favorite is whatever the new challenge ahead is. For too long it was the double axel; next was the triple salchow, which I am still working on consistency with. Now, I am working hard on the triple toe which I hope to land soon! My favorite spin is the flying sit spin and the layback spin. I am working on my Junior moves in the field which I hope to test in February. 

Thank you, Cecilia, for answering our questions. Good luck to you and your team this upcoming season. Be sure to send us a picture from camp, so we can post it on the CFSC Instagram account.

Article contributed by Vicki Tieche,
former CFSC Board Member

Open G2C Spots Dwindling!

Only a few more spaces remain available for the G2C seminar, Feb 15th. Many out-of-town skaters have begun to register, and we do not want to CFSC members to be left out. Reservations are accepted in order of receipt. So, please, if you want to attend the seminar, register at your earliest convenience. Click HERE to register.
Information about private lessons will be available during the checkout process. Once registered, you will be contacted via email about the private lesson schedule within a week or so. 
The staff of G2C is excited to come to Columbus and looks forward to working with our skaters. 

Gold Judge- Jennifer Barrett

Jennifer Barrett received her Gold Free Skate/MIF judge’s appointment in March, 2019.  She is the 7th Gold Judge among our current CFSC members.  For comparison, there are only 15 other Gold judges distributed among the other 26 clubs in Ohio.  If all of the surrounding states (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) are included, only the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society (the nation’s oldest skating club founded in 1849) currently has more gold judges than CFSC.

Our club is fortunate to have individuals such as Jennifer who have worked to receive judges’ appointments.  She started the education process four years ago to qualify as a Bronze test judge (the first judging level), then advanced to her Silver and Gold level appointments.  

Our test sessions frequently have “extra” people at rink side.  These are trial judges who are working towards their next judging appointment.  Trial judges independently evaluate the test (just like the official judges on the test panel), but their scores are not used to determine whether the test is a “pass” or a “retry”.  Instead, their scores and comments are evaluated by their judge mentor/advisor to confirm that the trial judge has the appropriate knowledge of the passing standard for each test and can apply that knowledge to tests accurately and consistently.