Young skater begins Figures Tests with CFSC

Beck Preliminary Figures
Caroline Beck stands with her coach, Jennifer Tieche (back), and judge Barbie Holland.

CFSC member, Caroline Beck, recently passed the Preliminary Figures test. Very few figures tests are taken throughout the country each year. In fact during the 2011-2012 season, there were only five Preliminary Figure tests, one Second, one Fourth, and one Fifth Figure test. Congratulations to Caroline, her coach, and her family. Keep up the great work!

US Figure Skating ReElects CFSC Member

Gretchen Bonnie Gretchen Bonnie as been reelected for a second year as the Coordinator of the Administrative/Legal Group of US Figure Skating and in this role serves as a member of the Board of Directors. She is responsible for oversight of the Audit, Compensation, Ethics, Finance, Grievance, Rules, Sanctions and Eligibility, and Strategic Planning Committees. She is now the second member of CFSC to serve on the Board of Directors. Fritz Meyers, an honorary member of CFSC, was the Midwestern Vice President several decades ago.  Congratulations Gretchen!  You provide our club with important current knowledge about figure skating so that the CFSC Board can better serve our membership.  Gretchen has served as Vice President of our CFSC Board and next year will be the Rules Chair of our Board.

New Dance Gold Medalist

Congratulations, Amber Hunt!

Amber standing with Coach Annette Schaefer and judges.

Amber Hunt passed the Westminster Waltz, which was the last of her Gold dance tests.

Based on our tally, Amber is the 30th Gold medalist in Dance, in addition to about 110 Gold medalists in other disciplines – figures, free skate and Moves In The Field. Those impressive numbers reflect well on the history of the club, along with its skaters, coaches, and supportive parents.

March 16, 2013 Test Results

Cordle Completes A Speedy Series of Ice Dance Tests

Cordle Tests Pre-Silver Dances
Cordle Tests Pre-Silver Dances

Megan Cordle has passed the Preliminary, PreBronze, Bronze and PreSilver dances – a total of twelve dances in just two weeks. As you might imagine, this is an unusual accomplishment. Megan wants to compete at the Intermediate level in solo dance this season and is now qualified.

Congratulations to Megan, her family, and her dance coach, Annette Schaefer, on this impressive accomplishment. Additionally, the club extends its thanks to its Test Chair and Judges who generously volunteered their time to make this series of tests possible.

CFSC Member Selected to Trial Judge at Nationals

Gretchen Bonnie has been selected by U.S. Figure Skating to be a trial judge at the U.S. Figure Skating National Competition in January. She is one of only twelve that are selected each year.  Congratulations Gretchen!

The trialing process is demanding and stressful. Gretchen will mark the assigned events and then will undergo a rigorous evaluation of her marks and explain them. Continue reading “CFSC Member Selected to Trial Judge at Nationals”

WELCOME to CFSC’s New Home!

CFSC is proud to announce the launch of our new website.

We’ve designed our new home with skaters, coaches, and families in mind and anticipate you will appreciate the more contemporary format and ease of use. Over time, we will integrate even more new features, but below are some things that will get you started:

  • The old site will no longer be updated. All new information will appear at this site ONLY.  (Did you know you can subscribe – look to the top-right on the sidebar? As a subscriber, you will receive an email when new posts occur.)
  • We’re still moving. The old site will remain active for at least 30 days to allow you to download any information you would like to keep. Most of the info will appear here as well, but just in case something you love doesn’t make it, we want to give you an opportunity to save your favorite memories.

Sincere thanks to the numerous dedicated members, who over the years, nurtured and managed the old site so that CFSC members had timely access to important information and could celebrate each others’ successes. We look forward to doing more of the same as we incorporate social media and move to a new platform.  Questions? Suggestions? Contact me.

An interview with CFSC’s Sectional competitors

Two CFSC members recently competed at US Figure Skating’s Midwestern Sectionals. To qualify for Sectionals, a skater must place among the top four skaters at his or her level at Regionals. The top four skaters at Sectionals, then qualify for Nationals. (US Figure Skating organizes the country into Regions and Sections.) Intermediate skater, Jonathan Butler, attends Olentangy High School and is 14 years old. He placed 3rd at Regionals and 11th at Sectionals. Novice skater, Livvy Shilling, attends Ohio Virtual Academy and is 15 years old. She placed 1st at Regionals and 5th at Sectionals.

Shilling and Butler attend OhioHealth Chiller's Send-off Party

Continue reading “An interview with CFSC’s Sectional competitors”

2012 Troy Summer Skate Team Trophy

2012 Troy Team Trophy
2012 Troy Team Trophy

For three of the past four years, skaters from CFSC have earned and brought home the Troy Team Trophy from the Troy Summer Skating Competition each July! Pictured here is a small group of the 30+ skaters who represented CFSC at the Troy Summer Skate this past July. Watch for this trophy, as well as the two previously earned trophies, to be housed in a new trophy case at the OSU Skating Rink one day soon!