Cordle Completes A Speedy Series of Ice Dance Tests

Cordle Tests Pre-Silver Dances
Cordle Tests Pre-Silver Dances

Megan Cordle has passed the Preliminary, PreBronze, Bronze and PreSilver dances – a total of twelve dances in just two weeks. As you might imagine, this is an unusual accomplishment. Megan wants to compete at the Intermediate level in solo dance this season and is now qualified.

Congratulations to Megan, her family, and her dance coach, Annette Schaefer, on this impressive accomplishment. Additionally, the club extends its thanks to its Test Chair and Judges who generously volunteered their time to make this series of tests possible.

Exciting Test Session Today!

What a way to start off our tests for 2013!

Jackie Tu and Alex Magnuson passed their PreJuvenile Pair test today. CFSC has not had a pair test for about 35 years. Cindy Bailey and Andrew Ouellette passed a series of pair tests, including the Junior Pair test in the mid 1970s. They competed in Junior Pairs in Regionals and Sectionals.

Other notable tests include Nina Stute, who passed the Senior MIF – another gold medalist. In dance, Amber Hunt passed the Argentine Tango of the Gold Dances, and Aliyah Cohen passed the Quickstep of the Gold dances.

Congratulations to these and all skaters, coaches, and parents involved in testing today. And, as always, an enormous thank you to our volunteers and judges for another great test session.

Congratulations Jennifer Tieche!

Jen passed her 6th Figure Test today.

The test takes about one hour, and the skater does 10 figures (circular patterns on the ice with turns placed at designated places). After each figure, the skater returns to a practice area to prepare for the next figure. Meanwhile the three judges, who are on the ice with the skater, examine the quality of the edges, the repetition of the circle or serpentines, pace the circles to determine the symmetry and size, examine the turns and lots of small details. Continue reading “Congratulations Jennifer Tieche!”